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Do you wish to maintain the desired temperature in a specific room to preserve the characteristic properties of your raw materials and products?

With this end in mind, as part of our range we create complex, carefully designed cooling systems (ammonia, glycol and other) featuring various components. The proper placement of respective components in the chamber enables you to keep temperatures low and not worry about the freshness of raw materials or products. No company from any branch of industry, including the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, could go without such installations.

Industrial cooling – manufacturing, assembly and renovation

Our range includes the design of glycol and ammonia cooling systems, assembly of chillers and renovation of freezer systems to -40°C.

Long-term functionality

We assure you that the industrial ammonia or glycol cooling systems made according to our design are built to last for a long time, on the condition that you perform regular servicing and take proper corrective actions in the case of any technical fault.  Equally important is the regular maintenance of the equipment, which you can leave to our company.

Wholesalers, warehouses or shops and other industrial facilities cannot function properly when the conditions are not right. Similarly, some industrial technological processes necessitate reducing temperature for the desired effect to be achieved. If you care for proper workmanship tailored to your requirements and needs of your industry, do not hesitate to browse our range of ammonia and glycol cooling installations.

C​​​​​​(construction, assembly, renovation:

  • pipelines for glycol and ammonia refrigeration systems
  • assembly of refrigeration units and fittings
  • renovation works of cold stores and freezers down to -40 ° C
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