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The service included in our range allows you to secure pipelines, tanks and equipment used in various industries, as well as to ensure the proper performance of processes. 

Industrial insulation manufactured, assembled and repaired by us is a means to this end. It helps to maintain a low or high temperature, meeting requirements and needs of a specific product and reducing energy loss at the same time. This process is essential for substances transported by industrial pipelines or manufactured and stored in pressure vessels.

Cold and heat insulation

We provide heat and cold insulation for tanks, pipelines and other equipment. We use such materials as may be characterised by sufficient properties – mineral wool, lagging and matting in the former, or polyurethane foam in the latter case. The first type keeps the heat inside the system, which positively affects energy consumption and costs by reducing energy losses. The second one assures that the high ambient temperature does not penetrate the equipment (pipeline, tank, etc.), which guarantees that the cold is maintained. Similarly, foam, lagging or other materials protect the equipment against potential damage due to temperature differences. All the said processes positively contribute to the development of your industrial enterprise.

Careful workmanship and assembly

As a company with wide experience, we install insulation on industrial pipelines, pressure vessels and other machinery or equipment. We carefully select the respective components of the system so as to ensure that it serves its function well, keeping the temperature stable, without fluctuating beyond the specified range.

Protect yourself against negative consequences of optimal heat or cold not being maintained – we ensure that the thermal insulation by our design will be suitable for your tank, industrial pipeline or another type of equipment.

Construction, assembly, renovation:

  • cold insulation with polyurethane foam and lagging
  • heat-insulating insulation with mineral wool, mats and lagging
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